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Our Services

Skin Biopsy
Skin Cancer checks and Treatment

We provide a caring, efficient and accessible service for early detection, diagnosis, treatment and management of skin cancer.

Family Moments
Men, Women and Children's Health

We are committed to providing you with a comprehensive range of high-quality health care services, from newborns and teenagers to adults.

Physical Therapist
Sports Medicine

Our in-house professionals can help assist with physical fitness and the treatment and prevention of injuries related to sports and exercise.

Antenatal Care

Your antenatal visits are a great way to learn how your baby is going. You'll be offered tests and scans and your health and your baby's will be checked

Asian man getting vaccinated

Vaccination is a simple, safe, and effective way of protecting people against harmful diseases, before they come into contact with them.

Checking Weight
Weight Control

Everyone has heard that diet and exercise are both important to weight loss and weight maintenance. Let our in-house professionals help.

Working Mother
Work Cover
(Charges Apply)

Coombabah Medical Clinic works with a variety of Work Cover groups in coordinating care of injuries/illnesses in the workplace.

Civil Engineer at the construction site
Employment or Insurance Medicals (Charges Apply)

We offer a range of Employment & Insurance Medical Assessments to ensure an employee is fit to work in a specific environment.

Lifestyle counseling

Allied Health Services

Available in-house

Physiotherapy (including Acupuncture)

Physiotherapy is evidence-based therapy targeted to diagnose your injury or illness, treat your symptoms, and manage your rehabilitation by using natural methods such as massage, exercise, stretches, adapted equipment, education and motivation.

Many people associate Physiotherapy with sporting injuries, however the resourceful tool box of our Physiotherapists are used to treat condition that affect muscles, joints, nerves, respiratory system, heart function and mobility complications that reduce your ability to move the way you want and enjoy your daily life.


Dietetics is the study of the relationship between food, nutrition and your health. Our dieticians work in this field to provide food and nutrition information to improve your health. We translate the latest scientific information into practical advice about what to eat.

After are what you eat.

Problems with blood sugar levels, weight, cholesterol, or high blood pressure? A big part of the puzzle is your diet and our University qualified dieticians will help you achieve your health goals.

Stuffed Avocado

Podiatrists are university graduate health professionals who manages the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of medical conditions of the feet and lower limbs. Podiatrists treat a wide variety of patient types ranging from developmental conditions in paediatrics (children), treating systemic disease such as arthritis and diabetes, and maintaining the mobility of the elderly and disabled.

People who are also on their feet a lot of the time such as athletes, hospitality staff and factory workers also benefits from a preventative approach to their health using podiatry services.

New Insoles


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