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Services | Coombabah Medical Clinic - Call Our Medical Centre (07) 55774811
Coombabah Medical Clinic – Call Our Medical Centre (07) 55774811


– Skin cancer checks and treatment
– Men, Women & Children’s Health
– Skin Cancers
– Sports Medicine
– Antenatal Care
– Vaccinations
– Weight Control
– Employment or Insurance Medicals (Charges apply)
– Workcover (Charges apply)


Allied health services available in-house:

Physiotherapy (incl. Acupuncture)

Physiotherapy is evidence-based therapy targeted to diagnose your injury or illness, treat your symptoms, and manage your rehabilitation by using natural methods such as massage, exercise, stretches, adapted equipment, education and motivation.

Many people associate Physiotherapy with sporting injuries, however the resourceful tool box of our Physiotherapists are used to treat conditions that affect muscles, joints, nerves, respiratory system, heart function and mobility complications that reduce your ability to move the way you want and enjoy your daily life


Dietetics is the study of the relationship between food, nutrition and your health. Our dietitians work in this field to provide food and nutrition information to improve your health. We translate the latest scientific information into practical advice about what to eat.
After all…your are what you eat.

Problems with blood sugar levels, weight, cholesterol, or high blood pressure? A big part of the puzzle is your diet and our University qualified dieticians will help you achieve your health goals.


Podiatrists are university graduate health professionals who manages the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of medical conditions of the feet and lower limbs. Podiatrists treat a wide variety of patient types ranging from developmental conditions in paediatrics (children), treating systemic disease such as arthritis and diabetes, and maintaining the mobility of the elderly and disabled.

People who are also on their feet a lot of the time such as athletes, hospitality staff and factory workers also benefit from a preventative approach to their health using podiatry services.

Exercise Physiology

A relatively new science that uses exercise as a form of medicine to improve people’s health, fitness and wellbeing. New research shows us the best ways to treat diabetes, weight gain, heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and help alleviate pain is through exercise, and exercise physiologists are the only people who can give you the right information.

As your body adapts to exercise there are many positive changes throughout your body that can promote weight change, improve strength and treat chronic conditions. We regularly monitor your health and prescribe the most efficient ways to achieve your health goals.

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